IoT Begins With Presense

Comments from some early customers:

Enterprise Access Control

"Now there's a better and simpler way to get physical access to our offices and other rooms using presence authentication and biometrics."
Fortune 100 Company

Marketing & Attribution

"We'd like to be able to remotely manage beacons that are installed in our customers’ stores and easily retrieve real-time presence data for our marketing analysis."
Retail Marketing Agency


"We’ve reviewed lots of RFID-based systems that are too expensive. We’d like to add a lower-cost Bluetooth-based system to our situational intelligence platform to provide informed decisions during dynamic emergency events"
Enterprise Security Firm

Asset Tracking & Operations

"We have many expensive assets in our warehouses and lack easy access to utility data. We'd like to monitor utility of these assets to better understand how and when they are being used"
Manufacturing Company

Automatic Attendance

"We'd like to automate student check-ins. Sometimes we just need to know if they are in the building or not. Right now we are using paper and pencil, which is tedious and unreliable."
School System

Retirement Communities

"We need a plug-and-play remote monitoring solution that works without the use of an app. Our target clients don't usually use smart phones."
Retirement Community

Smarter Cities

"We would like to be able to engage with citizens to better understand transportation usage, especially underground, where positional data has been traditionally more difficult to attain."
CTO of a Major US City

Time and Compliance

"We need a way to verify that our staff performs routine security walk-throughs of corporate buildings at specific times of the night."
Building Security Company

Improved Navigation

"Flying drones using GPS is hard enough outdoors. BeaconGrid nodes offer a fixed known point of reference to calibrate traditional GPS and even support indoor positional flight."
Drone & Robotics Company