BeaconGrid was designed for price-conscious customers in enterprise and industrial environments

BeaconGrid is specifically designed with end-to-end security to gather, analyze, and transmit location data.
All aspects of BeaconGrid's service, from its patented technology to built-in security infrastructure, are designed for security, scalability, and reliability for enterprise and industrial customers.

Secure & Redundant Cloud Infrastructure

BeaconGrid cloud-hosted infrastructure is designed and managed in alignment with the best practices of multiple IT security standards. BeaconGrid infrashstructure is built Amazon AWS, which is ISO 27001 and SOC 1 Type II certified, and is rated as the leader in cloud security.

BeaconGrid's service is a distributed system designed to spread computation and data across multiple physical servers. Every customer’s data is replicated across multiple servers and storage appliances, so that no single hardware failure will compromise service availability or customer data.

SSL-Encrypted Data Transmission

BeaconGrid sensor gateways communicate exclusively over SSL-encrypted connections. Specifically, traffic is encrypted, preventing third parties from reading sensor data. Moreover, BeaconGrid employs mutual authentication, eliminating the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks through configuration errors or invalid certificates.

Dedicated Cryptographic Hardware

While one-way authentication has commonly been used to secure systems, we offers mutual authentication between sensor connections. Each BeaconGrid sensors include a secure crypto device with a unique and protected identity that is securly authenticated, thus ensuring the simplest yet most secure method to enable that connection.

Security Tools

BeaconGrid is designed for rapid failover in the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster. And BeaconGrid sensor gateways are equipped with on-board storage to save data locally in the event of a cloud service interruption, and will automatically upload buffered data upon service resumption.

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