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Sensor Gateways

Patented BeaconGrid sensors enables real-time asset tracking and mobile engagement (iBeacon, Eddystone, and Physical Web).

Outlet A traditional outlet with a built-in IoT gateway. It tracks asset tags and securely transmits data to your cloud.
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Plug Plug-and-play so you can begin to track assets instantly. Each plug is an IoT Gateway that can track nearby asset track. Data is securely streamed to the cloud.
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Asset Tags

RTLS technologies Beacon asset tags come in various forms, such as cards, rings and tags. They are made small to be hung around a lanyard or attached to a keyring for easy carrying.

Ring Ring is thin, light and can be placed on any keychain. Associate the Ring with an identity and track its location in any room
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Card Card is thin, light and can be placed almost anywhere. Associate each card with an identity and track it as it moves along your venue
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Asset Tracking

BeaconGrid lets you track staff, assets and equipment in real time so you are always aware of where everyone and everything is

Online Platform

Use BeaconGrid online platform to monitor the location of your assets in realtime on interactive floor-plans and maps


BeaconGrid is a powerful combination of hardware and software to automate asset tracking for your business


Get alerts when an asset enters or leaves a defined zone


Predictive accuracy using our machine learning algorithms


APIs & Webhooks to Enhance Presence Awareness in Your Apps


Monitor your room occupancy in real-time


Use your voice to locate assets with Amazon Echo and Google Home


Push and hold ring for 3 seconds to trigger a silent alarm

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