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BeaconGrid makes RTLS asset tracking easy and affordable.

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Plug & Play Hardware

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Enterprise Asset-Tracking Solutions

Optimize Operations

BeaconGrid asset tracking deploys in minutes not weeks so you can begin to understand utilization of assets based on granular real-time location tracking.

Improve Productivity

BeaconGrid allows you to see where all of your tracked assets are, and more importantly, tells you where they have been. So instead of spending time searching for your assets, you can know for sure, and spend more hours in your day focusing on your core business.

Reduce Costs

Reduce loss or theft of high-value assets by setting email or text notification alarms if an asset is not sighted in any monitored zone.

And much, much more...

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Works Everywhere

BeaconGrid tracks assets in office, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, and campus environments. BeaconGrid unifies in-building tracking of any asset within a single dashboard.

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